The Rotary Club of Marion Foundation

For decades, the Rotary Club has woven itself into the fabric of McDowell County, playing a vital role in our community. Through dedicated volunteerism and financial contributions, this organization has consistently provided essential support to non-profit and service groups doing good in our community.

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With the establishment of The Rotary Club of Marion Foundation on July 1, 2023, we are taking an important step forward. By doing so, we secure a steadfast source of support for non-profits and service organizations in McDowell County. The foundation empowers us to foster the growth of high-impact programs that will resonate across our community, driving positive change.

As an incorporated North Carolina non-profit, the Rotary Club of Marion Foundation operates under the guidance of a Board of Directors to support and foster the club’s charitable endeavors. The Rotary Club of Marion Foundation, with EIN 93-2554006, is in the process of applying for 501(c)3 tax-exempt status from the IRS. We are currently awaiting our Tax Exempt Determination Letter from the IRS but once the IRS awards tax-exempt status, the tax-exempt status will be retroactive to our incorporation date of July 1, 2023.

This structure supports Rotarians in championing global understanding, goodwill, and peace. Our pursuits encompass enhancing healthcare, fostering education, and tackling poverty—encompassing efforts spanning from the international sphere to our local community.

The Rotary Club of Marion Foundation curates distinct funds tailored to the club’s initiatives:

  • Scholarship Funds: The Marshall Dark Sr. Scholarship is presented annually by the Rotary Club of Marion to one or more deserving young scholars from McDowell
  • Community Grants: Designated to fund distinct projects that propel the mission of worthy nonprofit or service organizations within McDowell County.
  • Service Above Self Emergency Response Fund: Supports organizations serving the basic needs of individuals or animals affected by sudden, unexpected events. Examples might include fire, flood, storm damage, and financial crises.
  • Endowment Fund: Permanent funds, a portion of which are used annually to promote charitable projects of the Rotary Club of Marion. The assets in this fund are generously provided through donations, gifts, and bequests.

Contributions to the Foundation can be designated to a specific initiative. Any funds given that aren’t specified by the donor will go into the General Fund, which will be used in their entirety for local community projects.

“Throughout the years, the club’s accomplishments have been largely due to the fundraising efforts and generous donations from our members’,” says Richard Berlick, foundation chairperson. “Previously, these contributions weren’t tax-deductible due to the specific incorporation structure of the Rotary Club. However, once our foundation receives tax-exempt status from the IRS, we can provide businesses and donors with the same tax advantages as other foundations. We are confident this change will encourage increased community investment and further bolster our program.”

“Leaving a charitable bequest to the Rotary Club of Marion Foundation is more than a financial decision; it’s a testament to our enduring commitment to the community’s growth and well-being. Such gifts ensure that the legacy of generosity and service continues, echoing our values for future generations. Once the foundation receives its tax-exempt determination from the IRS, certain contributions such as gifts of stock or from an IRA could have added tax benefits, making your support even more impactful,” explains Sharon Parker, foundation board member.

If you would like to donate to the Rotary Club of Marion Foundation, please contact us via one of the following ways:

  • Email the Foundation President, Richard Berlick at
  • Send a check by mail; please make checks payable to Rotary Club of Marion Foundation: Rotary Club of Marion Foundation, PO Box 1213, Marion, NC 28752-1213
  • Give online here